Embracing Uniqueness and Individuality

“Well-behaved women rarely make history”

-Laurel Thatcher

One of my favorite quotes from a little known woman who is often mistaken for Marilyn Monroe, another favorite of mine. Both women stick out to me personally because they exhuberate rebellion and everything tabboo.

I’ve been a fan of fearless individuality since I can remember. As a child, I felt so stifled by so many rules, so many schedules, so little freedom. The older I grew, the more weery of it all I became. Read more about this here.

I’ve always admired Marilyn, and others like her, not because of her outward beauty or fame; but because underneath the fame, the make-up and hair, the glamorous outward aura that the unsuspecting public soaked up, Marilyn was simply Norma. She always felt different, not quite the same. Not only did she feel different, but she dared to be different. To stray from the cookie-cutter mold of the housewife and 2.5 kids many of her female counterparts flocked to. 

Being an individual in a world full of conventional isn’t always easy, but necessary and worth every minute! I dare to say that, for those who truly beat to a different drum, doing so is almost involuntary. Personally, living a life pre-made for millions of others, simply world not work. I always knew this, I felt it; however, i wasn’t always sure what took do about it. I explain more about my journey from a drop-out addict to the president of the National Honor Society/Dental School Candidant, to high-class escort, to multiple entrepenuer here.

We all have our own path to follow, and routes that lead us there. For this reason, we at Boho Bouchic refuse to follow the herd and be the same cookie-cutter boutique you can find on every corner of the web. We refuse to sell the same old dime a dozen retail products that we know you could probably find yourself just as easily. Instead, we created a Bouchic, a brand focused on individualism, self expression, spiritual well-being, and inner happiness. We achieve those goals first by selling only unique, hand-crafted, made to order items and products. That’s right, from our clothing, to our shoes, to our skin care, everything is hand-made just for you. Because who wants to fit in anyway?

But our Bouchic wouldn’t be compete without our other half, our goal to inspire each member to dream bigger, differently, and actively work each day on the ultimate goal of achieving true inner happiness. Not based on what everyone, or anyone, elses idea of happiness or success.

Your idea of true fulfillment.

We all have the capability to achieve this level of spiritual peacefulness and content within ourselves, but we often give up on ourselves and lose faith  somewhere along the way. We end up following the herd, living a life that we didn’t purposefully choose, on auto-pilot. To me, no greater travesty exists than a life wasted by not taking back control and living according your own rules, your own wants, dreams, and desires. Life is so so short.

If your one of those stuck (we all get sucked back into the herd at times!), I urge you to stay with us a while. I will be adding new material absolutely every week, more often then not, daily. Let’s stick together and learn from each other. Take from me only what resonates. I can promise, you will leave our Bouchic feeling lighter then when you came. Live what you love!


Power of Positivity

Will Exchange Sloppy Dog Kisses for Donations

Will Exchange Sloppy Dog Kisses for Donations


Boho Bouchic’s Joyful Transition from Conventional (eww!) LLC into Full Blown, Non-Profit Animal Loving Hippies

We are beyond excited to announce that Boho Bouchic has recently converted from an LLC to a non-profit corporation focused on investing over 1/3 of our total annual profits to a cause which we are wholly entrenched in and deeply passionate about: the health, safety, and overall well-being of animals.

As many of you who have been with us a while know, Boho Bouchic was born out of a deep sense that its founder, Kortny Hayden, was being called to spread her message of gratitude toward ourselves, others, and the Universe as a whole, spiritual health, and inner happiness with those who were being called to hear it. Read more about the manifestation of Boho Bouchic here.

Boho Bouchic’s Official Office Ransacker, Ziggy 

Cute Puppy
      Animals are People Too!

Through our team’s combined, ongoing volunteering efforts working with local shelters, we are acutely and painfully aware of the injustices these sentient, conscious beings suffer. While they are not often in a position to manifest a new destiny for themselves, we, both at Boho Bouchic, and you, representing the community as a whole, have a responsibility to provide these animals in need with the love, affection, health, and hope all living beings deserve.

We can’t tell you how proud we are to be in a position to actively contribute to a cause that is deeply meaningful to us. If you are as passionate as we are about doing what you can to help those who cannot help themselves, please know that by simply shopping here at Boho Bouchic, you’re already contributing to our goal of providing hope for innocent, pure souls who have no voice otherwise.

Additional donations are always appreciated and accepted with pure gratitude. All donations are accepted as tax write offs, and 100% of your contribution always goes directly toward improving the spiritual and physical well-being of the animals we help.

Simply use the safe and secure PayPal Donate button found on this page.

F.Y.I.: As a contributor, you will be given a certificate of donation, as well as bi-weekly updates as to how the donations are allocated, and how your contributions have directly made a tremendous positive impact in the lives of animals who need you. Just make sure to leave your e-mail address with us for updates! You may even choose to “adopt” a pet, we’ll regularly send you pictures and updates about your new family member!

More specific, goal-oriented action steps will be released within the following weeks, so continue checking back, and sign-up using the newsletter form at the bottom of this page to receive timely updates.

I would also like to take this time to send gratitude to those who already have contributed. We are so proud that our Boho Bouchic community is a loving, compassion one!

As always, Live What You Love!

Boho Bouchic

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Power of Positivity

Thoughts Become Things- The Power of Positive (and Negative!) Energy


The power of the mind is unparalleled. The mind and spirit has the scientifically proven (in many very interesting cases actually, I’ll link a couple at the bottom!) power to heal the sick, to create and transfer healing and positive energy, to create and manifest a seemingly unreachable goal. But how can one harvest this power? But we’re just normal people here, right? That meta physical folklore is shaky at best, the stuff of myths or far away lands. I’m here to tell you with absolute, unwavering certainty that the power of the mind is virtually limitless, and, by default, as are we. 

And who the hell am I and what do I know? You’re probably asking. Can’t blame you there. I’m no expert on anything. I went through childhood and most of adulthood, actually until I was 27, knowing I was “different”. I clearly didn’t think the way others did, i didn’t fit in to “normalcy.” I couldn’t control my emotions, actually I was physically incapable of doing so. I thought I was crazy, I was bi-polar, something was wrong. 

When I was 27, I was laying with a good friend just quietly reading while he was busy on his phone. He suddenly looked up at me and said “you know something others don’t, don’t you?” I said yes, but I have no clue what it is. Then he went on to ask me a life-changing question: “You can feel what others feel.” I said well, yeah. Duh. Can’t you? He looked at me with disbelief and shook his head. “No, Kortny, no one does.” Yeah, OK, whatever. I thought hes clearly the weird one. Everyone feels how others feel. 

But this got me thinking. I asked everyone i knew. I got the same answer from everyone. I was different. This clarified so much. Everything suddenly made sense and absolutely no sense all at once. I finally realized why i felt different. 

It was as if i knew things so clearly in my mind so as to simply “know” they were truths. Let me give you an example. Since i was a child, as far back as my memory allows, I’ve always “known” that everything has energy. I didn’t always know that it was actually energy (I learned this for certain in college. I was a pre-dental student). But before school, I simply pictured this energy as balls, spheres, around everyone and everything. These invisible spheres held our moods. Joy, anger, sadness. These moods were transferable from person to person. 

This is one example of spiritual knowledge that i simply “know” and have known my whole life. But it wasn’t until my years as an undergrad at the Honors College of USF (i thought i wanted to be a dentist) that scientific theories gradually replaced my inner “knowledge” with facts and truth to back it up. The transfer of energy, quantum physics, a fourth dimension. It blew my mind away. Just thinking about how learning these scientific theories that were foreign to so many of my classmates, had been innate in me since birth was earth shattering to me. I have goosebumps now thinking about it. How? How did I know these things? Where did this knowledge come from? 

If you ask my devout Southern Baptist family, they would say it’s God. I tend to think of it simply as “The Universe”. My years at USF certainly acted as a catalyst for my journey into spirituality, astrology, karmic energy and balance, even energy healing. I’ve grown tremendously.

I grew up Southern Baptist of course, (I have NO intention of converting or bashing any religion or view point by the way! I think God is the equivalent to what i know as The Universe. We’re all connected!) But as a member of organized religion, I never questioned. I was terrified to! Although, something just didn’t sit right with me, I didn’t want to burn in hell for all eternity! (A famous line of my Memaw)

My science degree may never be used in a practical way. I since decided against dentistry and labs bore me to death. But I know The Universe put me in that science lab for a reason (everything happens for a reason. Everything is interconnected) One of those reasons was to discover my innate gift of clairsentience, or “clear feeling”. If for nothing other then to assure myself that I wasn’t crazy, I wasn’t bi-polar, I was experiencing sudden, severe mood swings (my entire life) because I was simply absorbing the energy from those around me. 

This awakening gave me the opportunity to train myself to distinguish my energy from others and sent me on a mission to find others like me. I “know” that we all have a gift like mine. We are all “different” We are all clairsentient (or some type of Clair, as I’ll discuss later) to a degree, some are more sensitive to the reception of energy then others.

 Let me clarify: an empath’s spirit isn’t simply sympathetic to another. Our energy “sphere” quite literally sucks up other’s energy into our own, and we mentally and physically experience another’s pain, joy, or sadness as if i wss our own (because it truly is!) 

Now that I know I’m not crazy (at least not as crazy as I thought), and have identified ways to control the absorption of negative energy around me, I am passionate about spreading positive messages, positive energy, positive thoughts, positive vibes. Because our thoughts are so immensely powerful! Not just to ourselves, but to others! 

Think about the last time you had a crap day at work. You still have to pick up the kids, make dinner, clean up, get the kids to bed, listen to your annoying spouse do whatever they do that’s annoying (we all have our moments!) Try to reflect back to that moment; what kind of energy was your child putting out? Your spouse? Anyone who surrounded you? 

Undoubtedly, they were absorbing your negative vibes and then projecting them back, creating a frustrating cycle from hell  (been there more times then I’d like to admit).

 I’d like to leave with an exercise for you to try that is so simple to implement, yet so few realize the full potential and incredible positive impact this small gesture can and will have on you, and those around you. Project positivity. Be kind. When your husband forgets to take the trash out for the fifth day in a row and you want to smack him (been there as well) slow down, take 3 deep breaths, ask yourself, “will this matter in a year? In 6 months? In 2 weeks?” If the answer is no, redirect your frustration into gratitude. What has your spouse done that you appreciated lately? Give him a hug, let him know you appreciate him picking up the kids or making dinner. Let him know you understand he works hard, show him kindness. Just try it. I know it isn’t always easy, but the efforts will be reciprocated ten fold. I promise. Live what you Love 💘